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Beef Price Comparison Experiment


We did it again. We did another beef price comparison experiment by comparing beef prices from our popular 10kg beefy package to the supermarket price per kilo.

Results were based on an average of $25.80 and $26.10 per kilo. This was also based on your generic cut of beef (fed-lot and grain assisted cattle), and NOT Angus beef and certainly NOT grass-fed beef. 

This means that when you buy our beef you are saving:

  • 5kg $97.50 v $130.50 (saving up to $33)
  • 10kg $195 v $261 (saving up to $66)
  • 15kg $292.50 v $391.50 (saving up to $99)
  • 1/8th $585 v $783 (saving up to $198)

When you buy our beef, you can guarantee:

  • You are contributing to the consumption of the WHOLE animal.
  • You are consuming the SAME animal, even in your mince and sausages. 
  • There is no three-gas mixture to brighten the beef for selling appeal.
  • The beef hasn’t been frozen and then thawed again to sell. We only sell fresh beef. 
  • You are reducing your carbon footprint by supporting minimal production of beef.
  • You are supporting the ethics of animal treatment and welfare, and truly valuing where your food comes from. 
  • You are supporting regenerative farming principles. 
  • You are supporting a local farming family.

I have to be brutally honest with you, our animals are not a commodity to us. This is reflected in our price of just $19.50 per kilo!! It is also reflected in how we deal with our customers. It is all personal. There are no flash sales or subscriptions.

The treatment of our animals is always at the forefront of everything we do on the farm. We care about educating people and customers about why it is soo important to consume all the cuts an animal has to offer as consumer buying behaviour has a huge impact on the production of beef. We want to reshape the meat industry one cut at a time. 

Who would have thought that buying grass-fed Angus beef directly from the farm would not only save you money? Much MUCH MORE money!

You can find out more about our 100% grass-fed Angus beef here or order some here.

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