Our choice of consumption is soo powerful


This is especially true when leaving a carbon footprint has never been soo important and at the forefront of everybody’s mind in everything we do, consuming food included. I find that more and more people care and want to know where their food comes from, and if we are consuming beef, we want to know […]

Beef Price Comparison Experiment


We did it again. We did another beef price comparison experiment by comparing beef prices from our popular 10kg beefy package to the supermarket price per kilo. Results were based on an average of $25.80 and $26.10 per kilo. This was also based on your generic cut of beef (fed-lot and grain assisted cattle), and […]



I love this word, stockpile. Say it with me….. stockpile. It means soo much more than just those two little words. When you buy our beef, you are stockpiling soo much more than just beef! You are stockpiling all the health benefits that grass-fed beef offers. You are stockpiling all the animals that are not going […]

Cheap Meat


When you think of cheap meat, what do you think of… When I think of cheap meat, I think it’s a given right, right? Shouldn’t meat, in general, be ‘cheap’ or let’s use a different word, ‘affordable’, so we can all afford to eat? It’s not cheap meat, it’s just, well, meat at an affordable […]

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