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When you think of cheap meat, what do you think of…

When I think of cheap meat, I think it’s a given right, right? Shouldn’t meat, in general, be ‘cheap’ or let’s use a different word, ‘affordable’, so we can all afford to eat? It’s not cheap meat, it’s just, well, meat at an affordable price?

What if I was to say that we are the ‘cheap meat’? (Bet you weren’t expecting that).

What if I told you that when you buy our beef you are not paying for the following:

  • Antibiotics, which are given to animals to prevent and fight off respiratory diseases caused by dust and dirt being stirred up by other cattle living in their overcrowded environment. We need the cattle to remain healthy so they don’t drop any weight and cost money.
  • Hormones, to promote fast growth in animals to turn a quicker buck.
  • Grain, that is provided to the animal to eat all day every day when the animal’s natural diet is… let me think about this one… grass.
  • The feedlots’ carbon offset plus the trucks that come in and out all day every day.
  • The three-gas mixture that organisations use to make the beef look bright red for selling appeal.

What if I told you that we are the cheap meat?

  • Do you picture fat happy cattle grazing at their own pace on nature’s green pasture?
  • Do you picture cattle lying under a tree getting some shade during the middle of the day heat?
  • Do you picture cattle wandering down to the creek or springs to get a fresh drink of water?
  • Do you picture cattle nudging having a play with each other or having a scratch at the nearest tree
  • Do you picture a family living on the property with the cattle who regularly check on them, attend to them on call and give scratches?

This is our grass-fed beef and we are the cheap meat at $19.50kg and not the supermarket’s average price of $26kg (we compared our cuts of beef from our popular 10kg beefy-package to the same cuts of beef price per kilo of various supermarkets and on average their price is $26kg kilo FOR A FEEDLOT PRODUCT).

So why are we cheaper?

You don’t pay for the abovementioned nasties in your beef. You don’t pay for the fees of numerous operations to get that beef onto the supermarket shelves. You don’t pay for profits to various businessmen.

Not only are you saving money when you buy our beefy packages, but you are also:

  • Consuming the WHOLE animal, one beefy package at a time;
  • Consuming the SAME animal even in your mince and sausages! (I wonder many different animals are in other mince and sausages?)
  • Reducing your own carbon footprint by supporting very minimal production of farm-fresh grass-fed beef;
  • Supporting the ethics of animal welfare and farming regeneration giving back to the environment; and
  • Supporting a local farming family living in the community and not big corporations.

What do you think of now when you think of ‘cheap meat’?

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