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I love this word, stockpile. Say it with me….. stockpile.

It means soo much more than just those two little words.

When you buy our beef, you are stockpiling soo much more than just beef!

  • You are stockpiling all the health benefits that grass-fed beef offers.
  • You are stockpiling all the animals that are not going into feedlots and creating freedom just from your choice of consumption.
  • You are stockpiling healthy animals as they avoid hormone injections to make their bodies grow quickly and anti-biotics to help fights disease while living and eating in a crowded dust bowl.
  • You are stockpiling healthy meat while avoiding eating the three-gas mixture that brightens your beef for selling appeal and eating fresh beef that has never been frozen then thawed again to sell.
  • You are stockpiling all the carbon offsets when you support regenerating farming practices and a (very) minimal production of beef.

You know what else you are stockpiling? Money. Yep, money.

When people buy our beef, money is never the issue, to be honest. I am the only one who brings this up. Why? To show you that our farm-fresh produce is much more cost-effective than the supermarkets and other entities. Our price of $19.50kg vs supermarket price of $26kg. This is based on our popular 10kg beefy package where we compared each cut of beef to the price per kilo of that of the supermarket. And this is NOT on a comparable product. This is a mass production feedlot product!

Take our 1/8th beefy package for example, 30kgs of beef which includes (quantity of cuts do vary with each animal):

  • 6 T-bone steaks
  • 6 rump steaks
  • 2 rib-eye on the bones
  • 4 ybone steaks
  • 4 blade steaks
  • 4 eye fillets
  • 2 silversides
  • 1 topside
  • 1 blade roast
  • 1 brisket
  • 1 rolled rib roast
  • 4 osso bucco

And don’t forget the packets of beef strips, diced beef, mince and sausages.

Our price is $585 vs the supermarket price of $780. That’s a saving of $195! Plus you will spend more than the supermarket price listed if you were to continually buy just steaks. 

Want to know what else you are stockpiling? All the SAME animal, even in your mince and sausages.

I know what I’m stockpiling!

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