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Yajambee Farms

Yajambee Farms are passionate producers of grass-fed beef that is sustainable, ethical, regenerative and local.

Based on Mount Mee in Queensland, our family sells grass-fed Angus beef direct to your family from our farm, offering a true paddock to plate experience.

Not only is this way of eating better for you, the animal and the environment, it also allows you to lower your food kilometres and reduce your carbon footprint.

We also operate our Angus stud from the farm and soon, will welcome guests to our beautiful farm stay.

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Yajambee Farms T-bone Steak

We invite you to taste the difference, lower your food kilometres, and help create a sustainable agricultural future.

- Gabe & Jamie, Yajambee Farms

What's so special about

Yajambee Beef?

Here at Yajambee Farms, we strive to make a difference within the community through inspiration and education on lowering your food kilometres and consuming produce straight from the farmer.

Our nose-to-tail approach means we ensure that the whole animal is consumed including all of the lesser-known cuts that are often wasted.

By choosing this minimal waste beef production you are creating a greener future simply through your choice of consumption.order our beef

Our promise to you


Minimal waste

You are consuming the WHOLE animal, an ethos we proudly uphold.



You are also consuming the SAME animal, even in your mince and sausages.



You are getting the tastiest and healthiest beef straight from the farm.



You are getting the best value for money!

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Luxury Farm Stay Retreat at-Yajambee-Farms-Farmstay

coming soon

Farm Stay

We're currently building our stunning new farm stay – the perfect retreat close to both Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. 

farm stay

Farm news


Beef Price Comparison Experiment

We did it again. We did another beef price comparison experiment by comparing beef prices from our popular 10kg beefy package to the supermarket price per kilo. Results were based on an average of $25.80 and $26.10 per kilo. This was also based on your generic cut of beef (fed-lot

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I love this word, stockpile. Say it with me….. stockpile. It means soo much more than just those two little words. When you buy our beef, you are stockpiling soo much more than just beef! You are stockpiling all the health benefits that grass-fed beef offers. You are stockpiling all the

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Cheap Meat

When you think of cheap meat, what do you think of… When I think of cheap meat, I think it’s a given right, right? Shouldn’t meat, in general, be ‘cheap’ or let’s use a different word, ‘affordable’, so we can all afford to eat? It’s not cheap meat, it’s just,

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Ordering Yajambee Beef is easy

Yajambee Farms beef is sold as a variety pack offering a nose-to-tail experience in every beefy package.


Choose your kilos

We have a 5kg minimum and you can order however many kilos suits you and your family.


Confirm your order

You will be notified personally of the final total of your beefy-package the Friday before pick up or delivery



Pick up from Samford or The Gap or get FREE delivery to Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Ipswich areas on orders of 40kgs or more.

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